Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor


ABPM tracks blood pressure, pulse rate and it provides information on BP variability, overnight dipping and morning surge for managing and controlling hypertension.

  • • Researchers’ favorite
  • Programmable without a PC
  • Print-ready final ABPM reports
  • Sleep-friendly algorithm
  • Among the lightest monitors



Meditech offers Easy ABPM and CardioVisions software solutions to configure, analyze, interpret and report 24-hour ABPM studies. While Easy ABPM is the right choice for active general practitioners that need basic 24-hour ABPM data only, CardioVisions is suitable for research purposes as well. However, both 24-hour ABPM software solutions have the following in common:

  • Automated Statistics for all Periods
  • Default Measurement Plans
  • Customizable Sampling Periods
  • Graphic and Tabular Presentation of 24-hour ABPM Data
  • Hourly Averages
  • Editable Patient and Study Info
  • Integrated Database
  • Data List
  • Adjustable Blood Pressure Threshold Limits
  • Printable Reports


It is a multifunctional ABPM with a 3-channel Holter ECG. Get the whole picture! Since hypertension is the most common risk factor for cardiovascular diseases, it is important to assess blood pressure and ECG data simultaneously.

  • 24 hour BP monitoring
  • 3-channel Holter ECG monitoring
  • Movement detection
  • All inclusive Holter software package

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