Cable-Free Holter Monitoring System


The liveECG is a Cable free liveECG is a real 3 channel ECG Holter device for continuous measurement and digital storage of ECG signals during the patient's everyday activities in the context of a long-term/holter ECG. The recorded data is used for the diagnosis of cardiac arrhythmias.The recorded data are downloaded from liveECG to a PC in a medical facility and evaluated with suitable Holter ECG analysis software. Finally, a physician evaluates the normal and abnormal ECG data for further therapeutic measures.

Salient Features

  • CE Approved
  • Class IIa Product
  • ECG storage capacity up to 60 days
  • Interfaces for fast data analysis and signal control
  • sampling rate:250 samples /sec
  • Battery or accumulator usable
  • LiveECG recorder is reusable
  • Small size and light weight
  • Real long time (upto 9 days) recording with one battery
  • Bluetooth and USB connected
  • ECG storage capacity is up to 60 days

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