Hospital Waste Management


Microwave Technology Hospital Waste Management

AMB Ecosteryl designs and manufactures equipment that provides a safe and environmentally friendly solution to medium and large hospitals as well as service providers for the treatment of biomedical waste. AMB cutting edge technology uses patented microwaves disinfection system with a powerful four-shaft shredder designed specifically for hospital waste.

Main characteristics

  • Patented four-shaft shredder with rotating axles
  • Microwaves screw
  • Patented microwaves generator
  • Microwaves power: 8 KW
  • Shredder power: 20 KW in 4 rotors
  • Microwaves frequency: 2.450 MHZ
  • Electricity required : three-phase electricity 380V + neutral - 80 amps
  • European Directive (CE) Quality Assurance System
  • ISO 9001:2008 - Quality Management Systems
  • AMB Ecosteryl systems are approved for use in the treatment of regulated medical waste in
              several US states.

Products Available

  •                         AMB ECOSTERYL 75
  •                         AMB ECOSTERYL 125
  •                         AMB ECOSTERYL 75+
  •                         AMB ECOSTERYL 250

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