Peripheral Products


Endovascular Intervention products

Catheters for the treatment of endovascular injuries located below the iliac arch including iliac, femoral, popliteal and infrapopliteal arteries, the renal artery and the biliary tract, as well as arteriovenous fistulas.



  • Paclitaxel eluting PTA balloon dilatation catheter
  • Double lumen catheter from the connector to the tip (also called over-the-wire, OTW)
  • Maximum diameter of the guidewire must not exceed 0.89 mm = 0.035 inches.
  • Luminor is coated with a homogeneous mixture of paclitaxel, a derivative of Taxol, and a
              physiologically innocuous matrix, the excipient.
  • Drug’s dose is 3 µg/mm2 of balloon surface
  • Usable catheter lengths: 100 cm and 150 cm



  • PTA balloon dilatation catheter
  • The catheter has a coaxial double-lumen body from the proximal connector to the balloon.
  • The guidewire runs into the inner lumen while the outer lumen allows contrast liquid passage
              to inflate the balloon.
  • The balloon is inflated to predictable diameters with the pressure shown by the manometer.
  • Usable catheter lengths: 100cm or 150cm



  • Self-expandable nitinol peripheral stent
  • Nominal diameter ranging from 4.5 and 9.5 mm
  • Stent material: nitinol
  • Wall thickness: 180 – 190 µm
  • High vessel adaptability
  • Usable catheter lengths: 80 cm or 140 cm



  • CoCr stent system
  • Diameter ranging from 5 and 10 mm
  • Stent material: CoCr L605
  • Balloon: semi-compliant
  • Nominal pressure: 10-12 atm
  • Radiopaque markers: metallic markers located at both ends of the stent
  • Usable catheter length: 80 cm or 140 cm


Angiolite BTK

  • Sirolimus-eluting peripheral stent
  • Treatment of chronic and acute arterial lesions in the lower limbs
  • Stent material: CoCr L605
  • Strut thickness: 75 µm – 85 µm
  • Drug: Sirolimus 1.4 µg/mm2
  • Semi-compliant balloon
  • Nominal pressure: 9 – 12 atm
  • Catheter’s working length: 142 cm



  • Pulmonary thrombus extractor
  • Guidewire compatibility: 0.035”
  • Coaxial luer with hemostatic valve
  • Catheter: 10F compatible
  • Usable catheter length: 120 cm
  • Extraction area: 3.98 mm2
  • Aspiration speed: 12.00 cc/s
  • 25 cm with hydrophilic coating



  • Peripheral support catheter
  • lead complex lesion procedures
  • Sergeant is indicated for patients with peripheral artery disease in small vessels or
              challenging anatomy during diagnostic and interventional procedures
  • Tip: Straight or 30º Angled
  • 4 tungsten radiopaque markers
  • 4F introducer compatible
  • Braided catheter

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