Centrifuge Machine

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The Red Line

High-Speed Table Top and Floor Standing Centrifuges (max. 21,000 rpm/ max. 50,743 x g)



    For our models of the Red Line we offer you on request:
  • Nitrogen purge if solvents are used in centrifugation
  • Water cooling
  • Robotic centrifuge
  • The Red Line range of centrifuges has sample volumes of 24 x 0.2 ml up to 6 x 1,000 ml
  • For all our centrifuges there is overheat control

The Blue Line

It is a high-Speed Table Top Centrifuges (max. 30,000 rpm/ 70,434 x g). All centrifuges in the Blue Line range are table-top models with sample volumes from 18 x 0.2 ml up to 4 x 200 ml. The centrifuges can be recognized by the blue cover plates of the centrifuges. Rotors also have blue covers. R means Refrigeration. These Table Top models have an identical cone and the rotors of the smaller models MicroCen M+MR will also fit the UniCen series as well. The different models differ in the size of the chamber and correspondingly in the number and the specification of the rotors.


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